Why We Need Accessible Playgrounds
According to 2000 Census reports for El Paso County (in which Colorado Springs resides), statistics show a population of approximately 516,000 citizens, with approximately 122,500 of those citizens between the ages of 5-20.  Of this county age demographic, approximately 8,600 (7.1%) live with some degree of non-institutionalized disability.


To our knowledge, there are currently no universally-accessible playgrounds open to the public in the Pikes Peak region to serve this population.  The closest location known is Broomfield, CO, which is approximately 75 miles from Colorado Springs.


“At most playgrounds, I have to crawl out of my wheelchair if I want to play.  It makes me feel like an ant, with all these giant kids running around me. My wheelchair is my legs.  Would you want to take your legs off to play?”  The words of one physically-challenged child, from Shane’s Inspiration documentation


“We don’t go to many playgrounds anymore.  It ends up being a heartbreaking experience for Zoe. There are so many obstacles. So many ways for her to get hurt.”

Lorraine Grisez, mother of Zoe, 4 years old, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and uses an electric wheelchair.
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Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Vision Statement

To create opportunities that eliminate boundaries to spontaneous play and no child is forced to “leave their legs behind.”

Mission Statement

To create a Universally-Accessible Playground in the Pikes Peak Region where children play and differences disappear.

Core Values

We Believe:

  • Colorado Springs has the opportunity to be a national leader for social change that embraces those with disabilities.
  • That every child, regardless of ability, has the right to spontaneous play.
  • There is an opportunity to enhance socialization between disabled and able-bodied children.
  • All children should be able to share common development experiences.