Is this playground meant only for kids with disabilities?

Q – Is this playground meant only for kids with disabilities?

A – No…the whole purpose of building this playground is to allow all children, regardless of ability level, to play TOGETHER!  The playground will be designed to be challenging and exciting for children who are able-bodied as well.  We want the playground to be a place to learn, make new friends and for kids to explore together, side by side. 


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Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Vision Statement

To create opportunities that eliminate boundaries to spontaneous play and no child is forced to “leave their legs behind.”

Mission Statement

To create a Universally-Accessible Playground in the Pikes Peak Region where children play and differences disappear.

Core Values

We Believe:

  • Colorado Springs has the opportunity to be a national leader for social change that embraces those with disabilities.
  • That every child, regardless of ability, has the right to spontaneous play.
  • There is an opportunity to enhance socialization between disabled and able-bodied children.
  • All children should be able to share common development experiences.