Swing High Design Party a Success!

Matt and Hannah enjoy the design party together

The Colorado Springs Day Nursery was the site for The Swing High Project’s Design Party, which was held August 7th.  There were approximately 50 participants who attended to give their input and ideas on design for Colorado Springs’ first universally accessible playground.

Adults prepare to begin their community options and priorities session

The evening consisted of a community options and priorities session with the adults, led by Shane’s Inspiration Director of Design Virginia Hatley.  Participants included parents of kids with disabilities, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and those who work to advocate for those with disabilities.  The group expressed their thoughts and opinions on what the playground should include and those ideas were then prioritized by the group.

The kids embarked on a junior design session, which was led by Brad Thornton, Shane’s Inspiration Director of New Projects.  With paper and pencils in hand, the kids designed and drew their vision of the playground.  The photos and video show how creative and engaged the kids were with the process! 

These ideas and this vision will now go back in the capable hands of Brad and Virginia to bring to life the design of our community’s playground!  We will keep you updated when the design process is complete!

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Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Vision Statement

To create opportunities that eliminate boundaries to spontaneous play and no child is forced to “leave their legs behind.”

Mission Statement

To create a Universally-Accessible Playground in the Pikes Peak Region where children play and differences disappear.

Core Values

We Believe:

  • Colorado Springs has the opportunity to be a national leader for social change that embraces those with disabilities.
  • That every child, regardless of ability, has the right to spontaneous play.
  • There is an opportunity to enhance socialization between disabled and able-bodied children.
  • All children should be able to share common development experiences.